Links to all of the Presentations (10 October 2014)

Here, in one place, are links to all of the speeches & interviews from the It’s all Welland Good event…

Overview: It’s all Welland good.


Opening Remarks: Jay Kalryzian (Interview with Jay)
Welland Museum: Nora Reid (Interview with Nora)
Age-Friendly: Doug Rapelje (Interview with Doug)
Youth: Bianca Benincasa (Interview with Bianca)
Wellness: Bob Bond (Interview with Bob)
Multiculturalism: Claire Masswohl (Interview with Claire)

ENTERTAINMENT – Mark Lalama (Interview with Mark)


Business: Joe Leon (Interview with Joe)
Service Clubs: Deb Zahra
Sport: Scott Bullet (Interview with Scott)
Community: Carolyn Fast
Arts & Culture: George Doros (Interview with George)
Arts & Culture: James Takeo (Interview with James)



Niagara College: Lesley Calvin  (Interview with Lesley)
Flatwater: Bob Mahler (Interview with Bob)
Real Estate & Development: Roy Timms  (Interview with Roy)
Industry: John Mataya (Interview with John)
Chamber of Commerce: Jeff Neill

Final Thoughts: Joe Barkovich
Final Thoughts: Paul Turner

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